Massage Therapy for a Healthier Winter

Having a Massage during the winter is probably more important than it is in the summer periods. Whatever the season and whether you’re an athlete or an office worker, we all should take to the table at least once a month.

As we approach winter, our immune system starts to slow with the drop in temperature, increasing the chances of catching a virus or cold. Many exercise less as the winter months decrease the opportunities to do our favourite activities.

Having a regular Massage combined with a healthy diet, can help reduce muscle aches and pains, particularly during winter as our muscles tend to stiffen up and blood flow doesn’t work as well.  Having a strong immune system during the winter not only fights of infection and keeps us well and healthy, it also maintains a strong system for continued physical activity throughout the colder months.

Some benefits of a massage during winter….

Keep that circulation flowing
Cold weather can bring on many discomforts, aches, pains and arthritis. Massage Therapy plays a crucial role in increasing circulation and providing stress and pain relief. Improved circulation increases body warmth, provides healthier blood pressure levels, and increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body

Keep the winter blues at bay
Massage Therapy creates positive changes in the endocrine system where hormones are formed. Hormones affect mood, desire, depression, alertness, sleep, hunger, sense of touch and sex drive; the balance of which are very important for the well-being. After receiving massage, cortisol levels are decreased (the hormone responsible for stress), and oxytocin levels are raised (the happy, contentment hormone)

Immune boosting
Massage Therapy increases lymph flow which is packed with white blood cells or “killer cells”. These cells fight off infections and bacteria, boosting your immune system. Your body is more prepared to defend itself during this time of year when many of us get sick.

Get a better night’s sleep

Massage Therapy can help with sleeping patterns meaning that the you can recover from activities much better, you're also less likely to have stress interfering with your sleep. People who have sleep disorders typically don't get rested when they sleep, during a massage, they go into a deep state of relaxation, and rest, which can positively affect the body similar to sleep.

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Rick Southcott

Massage Therapist